Business Communities

TEC designs and implements energy blueprints that help businesses generate capital from energy savings and improve overall performance.

Energy expenditures by California businesses exceed 15 billion dollars yearly, costs that eat significantly into profitability.  Businesses that manage energy wisely outperform competitors by as much as 10%, making sound energy management a vital link to a robust bottom line.

TEC’s energy architects design and implement energy strategies targeting the specific operating needs and environs of your business community.


TEC in Action for Business Communities

Featured Projects:

Business Energy Coalition
Energy Benchmarking Training


TEC Energy Blueprints for Business Communities

        • building retrofits to boost energy efficiency
        • building performance planning
        • energy benchmark training using the EPA’s Energy Star portfolio manager software
        • performance benchmark training for building managers
        • solar advisory services to generate revenue from surplus properties or rooftops
        • creation of collaborative financing and funding strategies
        • development of demand management strategies that cut costs

Contact us to find out out TEC can help you tap into energy capital, gain improved performance and manage energy costs.

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