What is The Community Energy Partnership (CEP)?

The Community Energy Partnership (CEP) delivers effective energy efficiency programs that forge positive relationships, motivate communities to reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainable cities. CEP accomplishes this through:

  • Energy Efficiency within Municipal Facilities

We support our partner cities in reducing and managing their municipal energy consumption and help them serve as leaders in their communities.

  • Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan Activities

We assist partner cities in their efforts to align with the long-term energy efficiency goals of California.

  • Energy Program Marketing, Education & Outreach

We encourage energy efficiency in communities through customized education and outreach strategies that inform participants about energy-saving opportunities and best practices.

Who are the Partners?

The Community Energy Partnership is a partnership among:

  • Eight Southern California Cities: Brea, Corona, Culver City, Irvine, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Santa Clarita and Santa Monica.
  • Two Local Utilities: Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company.
  • Facilitating Partner: The Energy Coalition

What are the Outcomes?

The CEP brings energy efficiency benefits to many different individuals and communities including homeowners, renters, business owners, senior citizens, municipal employees and the City as a whole. By empowering consumers to take responsibility for their energy use with a focus on positioning the city as a leader, the program delivers a substantial amount of energy savings which in turn benefits the environment.


TEC Leadership

TEC facilitates the CEP and bears primary responsibility for project management, performance tracking and implementation of energy efficiency programs and services to populations of the City. We have demonstrated our ability to work with municipalities since 1998, to successfully implement energy efficiency programs and achieve energy savings for the participating cities and their communities.

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