Energy Policy

An effective energy blueprint is framed around sound energy policy. The energy architects at TEC work with communities to identify, develop and adopt policies that support successful and enduring energy practices.

The Energy Coalition is a leader in shaping innovative energy policy through its Aspen Accord conferences and through our representation on numerous statewide boards and commissions:

      • California Energy Commission Energy and Greenhouse Gas Protocol Project
      • Global Land Use and Economic Council (GLUE)
      • Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Committee on SB375 Implementation
      • California Public Utilities Commission’s Workforce Education and Training Taskforce on K-12 Education
      • California Department of Education’s Career Technical Education Standards Committee
      • California Energy Commission Committee on Targeted Retrofit Measures

The Energy Coalition hosts working groups and writes policy papers to stimulate ideas that lead to policy innovation. Recently developed white papers have addressed:

      • A new model for advancing distributed generation in California
      • A concept for piloting community solar projects
      • A comprehensive, integrated model for utilities to achieve energy efficiency savings by measuring carbon emissions

To learn more and get involved in policy leadership with us, contact us.

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