The Energy Coalition is the architect of numerous successful pilot programs and partnerships with California’s investor-owned and municipal utilities and the communities they serve.

Our innovative and highly successful energy efficiency and demand response projects have engaged communities in reducing their overall energy use, creating positive relationships, achieving significant energy savings, protecting our environment and fostering a more energy-conscious and informed public.

TEC’s energy architects connect with the character of each diverse community and match its needs with opportunities that consistently generate energy savings and enhanced capital.


TEC in Action with Utilities

Featured Projects:

Aspen Accord
Business Energy Coalition
Community Energy Partnership
Palm Desert Energy Partnership
PEAK Student Actions
Southern California Regional Energy Center

TEC has 30-plus years experience in bringing utility programs to communities and communities to utility partners. Contact us to innovate and manage your project.


TEC Energy Blueprints for Utility Communities

        • Energy education programs and energy curriculum development
        • Energy outreach and stakeholder engagement
        • Energy management plans
        • Energy marketing plans
        • Energy financing and funding
        • Climate action plans
        • Building energy efficiency retrofit plans
        • Building performance management and benchmarking
        • Energy job training
        • Model energy policies and standards
        • Renewable energy and community solar plans

Connecting ideas and people is the key to generating energy innovation. When we work together in a partnership, we can transfer today’s energy challenge into tomorrow’s opportunities for a more sustainable world.

- TEC Executive Director Craig Perkins