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Despite the myriad challenges we had in 2020, the Energy Goals campaign with TEC was a huge success. We were surprised and excited by the level of enthusiasm and participation from staff. We hope to use this success to build on in future engagements. Thank you to the TEC team for all of your efforts!

“[TEC’s] Energy Goals campaign brought our department together, we worked as a team and shared ideas about how we could save energy.

The PEAK program provides teachers with all the materials we need to teach the program in a meaningful and successful way. The staff is always available to assist us and answer any questions or concerns we might have. Whenever I run out of supplies, It takes me only one call to have someone from PEAK […]

I highly recommend [TEC’s] OSTEP for any after school program. This is a free program, run by professional, friendly staff members who promote STEM concepts and conservation of resources. Best of all, It’s FUN!”

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to bring PEAK to our students. It is an awesome program that has our students experiencing international learning and having so much fun doing it! After our first training with PEAK, the teachers raved about it to their peers. All of our teachers and staff love […]

At first I was a bit skeptical about the SoCalREN Public Agency Program, it all sounded too good to be true. But, I must say, they have exceeded all my expectations and then some. They have become not only an integral component of our energy management team, but an extremely valuable asset to the school […]

I can truly say we would have not gotten this far this fast in such a cost effective manner without SoCalREN’s guidance and technical assistance every step of the way. In short the SoCalREN Public Agency Program is a fantastic program to assist local governments in energy efficiency that will pay dividends for years to […]

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