TEC Policy Director Appointed to LGSEC Board

Please join us in congratulating Marc Costa, TEC’s Director of Policy and Planning, on his recent appointment as the Chair of the Board for the Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition, an organization dedicated to helping local governments shape California’s clean energy future. Marc brings over 12 years of building industry experience and has previously led LGSEC’s “To Code” committee.

“LGSEC has launched a number of working groups in the last year to shape issues affecting our energy systems, local governments, and their constituents. It will be an exciting year to work with our great staff and growing members to put California on an equitable trajectory toward 2045 decarbonization,” said Marc of his recent appointment.

We would also like to congratulate Cory Downs and Annie Secrest on joining the LGSEC Board. Annie is a former TEC employee and partners frequently with TEC staff in her role as Energy & Water Coordinator at the County of San Luis Obispo. Congratulations to Cory, Annie, Marc, and the rest of the LGSEC Board! We are excited to see your work representing the interests of local governments at the state level.

Learn more about LGSEC and their Board here.

Meaghan Laverty

February 14, 2022

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