Pomona ACTS: A Beacon of Clean Energy and Community Transformation!

TEC Awarded for a Transformative Climate Communities Round 5 Implementation Grant by the California Strategic Growth Council

As we celebrate the end of another year, TEC is thrilled to announce that the California Strategic Growth Council has officially awarded us  an implementation grant to fund a groundbreaking new project: Pomona Activated for Community Transformation and Sustainability (Pomona ACTS).

The project, located within the City of Pomona, holds immense potential as a model for the sustainable communities of tomorrow. With its vibrant downtown, two Metrolink stations, thriving mixed-use corridors, beautiful parks, and diverse project area population of over 60,000, Pomona is poised to become a shining example of a climate-resilient community. With the Pomona ACTS project, TEC will lead a team of community partners and energy experts to transform Pomona into an advanced energy community of the future.

Our Team of Expert Partners

TEC is proud to lead a team of over a dozen partners on this comprehensive and ambitious project. TEC will serve as the project lead, handling fiscal sponsorship, monitoring and compliance, operational oversight, and accessibility services for community involvement.

We are proud to have assembled an all-star team that brings community connections, local knowledge, and technical expertise to the table.

Building a Greener, Healthier Pomona

Pomona ACTS encompasses a wide range of strategies guided by principles of social justice, collaboration, and shared decision-making. The project’s anti-displacement policies, workforce development programs, and greenhouse gas-reduction initiatives are designed to maximize benefits, foster long-term investment in the community, and create lasting partnerships.

We are excited to implement the following initiatives as part of this project:

  • Complete streets
  • A Metro transit pass program to make public transportation affordable for all
  • An E-bike library
  • EV chargers and an EV adoption education campaign
  • Free resilient and healthy home upgrades, including solar and storage 
  • Free residential cool roofs to reduce energy costs and mitigate the urban heat island effect
  • Community energy resilience centers to provide emergency power, resources, and services during power outages and other disasters
  • Tree planting to improve air quality
  • A community urban farm for fresh, locally grown produce.

We are grateful for the generous support of outside funding partners, whose contributions will help us bring these initiatives to life.

“It is a true honor to be awarded the Transformative Climate Communities Round 5 grant! Over the past five years, our project has transformed into Pomona ACTS—a collaborative effort brimming with passion and involving fourteen local partners working on nine impactful community projects,” says Laurel Rothschild, Vice President of The Energy Coalition. “These initiatives are poised to address the challenges of climate change while capitalizing on opportunities to enhance public health, shared prosperity, and community identity across the project area. The Energy Coalition is proud to be part of this transformative endeavor.”

Get Involved and Be Part of the Change

We are eager to share more about this exciting project in the coming months! Check out all the projects and partners involved here, and stay tuned for updates and opportunities to get involved in Pomona ACTS! Together, we can build a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future for all. To learn more about the Strategic Growth Council’s Transformative Climate Communities grant and Round 5 funding visit https://sgc.ca.gov/programs/tcc/.

Meaghan Laverty

December 14, 2023


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