TEC Partners with Project Giving Kids to Provide Volunteer Opportunities for Kids, Teens, and Families

Project Giving Kids (PGK) connects the community with service activities to build empathy, compassion, communication and teamwork

For busy families trying to balance remote school and work schedules, enrichment activities to replace in-person activities are hard to come by. Volunteer work, which tends to occur at a specific site and with other members of the community, can be especially tricky. This is where Project Giving Kids comes in.

Project Giving Kids, or PGK, is a non-profit organization that makes it easy for kids, teens, and families to find volunteer activities that enrich their lives and make a difference in their community. PGK lists volunteer opportunities in eight categories: aid the animals, aid the elderly, begin with basics, comfort the sick, help fight hunger, help other kids, save the planet, and support our troops. Last year PGK added virtual volunteering opportunities so that service-learning can continue at home.

TEC is proud to partner with PGK to provide students with a “save the planet” volunteer opportunity that can be done at home: building sustainable mini gardens right in their own home! By volunteering with TEC, kids can learn how to grow local plants out of upcycled materials, such as water bottles, and be empowered to adopt everyday sustainable behaviors.

This year, PGK is launching a new program and TEC is excited to be partnering up again. The new program, The Give Back Hour, is a live virtual session with a partner organization that supports a monthly theme. Join us in April for save the planet Give Back Hour!

To volunteer with TEC or to browse other “Save the Planet” volunteer opportunities, visit the Project Giving Kids website.

Siria Salas

March 3, 2021